Kenney Avatar Mixer

Kenney of fame has just released a new free tool Avatar Mixer. This joins the previous Mixer projects such as Ship Mixer and Creature Mixer on These tools allow you to rapidly (or completely randomly), create sprite graphics using a mix and match approach of existing assets. You can then download the completed image as a PNG, or save (and share) it as a uniquely encoded string.

The key thing to be aware of here is the assets CANNOT be used for the creation of NFT or in NFT-based projects. From the license:

Creations made using this software and art featured in this software can be used in personal, educational and commercial projects of any kind, strictly excluding those relating to or containing non-fungible tokens (so-called “NFT”) or blockchain (related) projects. Giving attribution and making a donation is greatly appreciated, but not mandatory.

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Avatar Mixer

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You can learn more about Avatar Mixer from and see it in action in the video below.

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