Krita 3.1.3 Released


Krita is a free and open source paint package that is rapidly improving as of late.  Today they released Kritia 3.1.3, a relatively minor release. 

New features in this release include:

  • implement context menu actions for default tool (cut, copy, paste, object ordering)
  • added option to allow multiple instances of krita (BUG 377199)
  • scale around pivot point added

The ability to run multiple instances is a huge addition to me; I can’t stand when applications limit you to only one running copy at a time, greatly limiting concurrent workflow.  In addition to these three new features, there are also a few dozen bug fixes, including:

  • Fix eraser switching back to the brush after flipping the stylus (BUG 375878) Krita
  • Fix the OpenGL crash detection and show Intel warning earlier
  • Fix the High DPI switch
  • Improve how you select brush spacing so it is easier to slide to a value
  • Fix right-button popup menus in tools when using Tablet Stylus (BUG 344878)
  • Added layer thumbnail on the animation timeline while hovering
  • Improvements to undo and the swap operation save memory
  • Fix when sometimes layer says “group not editable” (BUG 376214)
  • Fix slow down when changing of the smoothing options (BUG 375882)
  • Fix crash when closing an image right during the transformation operation
  • Fix a crash when switching tools while running the color picker (BUG 373883)
  • Update to Spriter plugin
  • Fix resetting the paint device cache (BUG 374142)
  • Upgrade the layer to an animated one when the first frame is added (BUG 377176)
  • Warn the artist when saving a read-only file (BUG 376098)
  • All file layers to be merged (BUG376613)
  • Add user feedback when locking for drag and drop between images (BUG 376382)
  • Fix potential crash when dragging and dragging large layers between images (BUG 376382)
  • Don’t crash if there is no proofing color space (BUG 376311)
  • Fix a crash when the layer gets changed to quickly during moving animation (BUG 377614)
  • Fix loading of some animation files
  • Port animation frames to use strokes (BUG 37696)
  • Update calligraphy tool icon
  • Fix removing color labels from multiple frames (BUG 374746)
  • Add a warning dialog when a person is potentially saving a corrupted image (BUG 361883 BUG 378681)
  • Fix updates to assistants when the brush outline is disabled (BUG 377952)
  • Fix for loading the display settings
  • Fixed a potential crash when merging layers with pass-through mode
  • Fixed flattening and merging of pass-through lode layers
  • Fix crash when double clicking on a polyline object (BUG 376497)
  • Fix frame offset when dragging and dropping between layers
  • Updated default settings for liquify tool (thanks David Revoy)
  • Fix issues with saving layer styles and vector layers.
  • Fix rending a sequence of one animation frame
  • Show the on-canvas message by default since mirror view needs it (BUG 346014)
  • Fix for converting floating point channel depth to 8 bit integers with PNG format (BUG 375217)
  • Fix crash when a file layer is deleted (BUG 376993)
  • Make lens blur work when using Krita in another language than English (BUG 376262)
  • Fix memory leak in PNG converter (BUG 378134)
  • Update tooltips for play and stop in animation docker
  • Convert the pasted clip color space when the option is set (T5367)
  • Fixes for loading ORA file types
  • Fix for updating title of document when changing document title (BUG 374389)
  • Fix activating next/previous layer shortcut for layer groups which are invisible
  • New icon for transform from pivot point
  • Show layer color labels in timeline docker
  • Use the name of the filter when creating a filter mask from the filter dialog instead of “effect”
  • Don’t cover startup dialogs (for instance, for the pdf import filter) with the splash screen
  • Fix a race condition that made the a transform mask with a liquify transformation unreliable
  • Fix canvas blackouts when using the liquify tool at a high zoom level
  • Fix loading the playback cache
  • fix with dragging when shift is selected (BUG 373067)
  • Use the native color selector on OSX: Krita’s custom color selector cannot pick screen colors on OSX
  • Set the default PNG compression to 3 instead of 9: this makes saving png’s much faster and the resulting size is the same.
  • Fix a crash when pressing the V shortcut to draw straight lines
  • Fix a warning when the installation is incomplete that still mentioned Calligra
  • Make dragging the guides with a tablet work correctly
  • Pressing and releasing a modifier key now updates the cursor instantly


Krita is available for download here.

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