Krita 3.1 Released


Krita is a popular open source digital painting application, which just saw a milestone 3.1 release.  Why a milestone release you ask?  This release marks the first time that Krita runs natively on Mac OS thank to a summer of code sponsored project by Julian Thijssen.  A Mac OS release isn’t the only feature of this release.  Full features include:

  • Mac OSX Support
  • Render animations (to Gif, MP4, MKV and OGG formats)
  • Animation Curves and Opacity (another Summer of Code project)
  • New Colour picker
  • New Quick Brush Engine
  • Stop Based Gradient Editor
    • krita_texture_bg
  • Create a stroke around your selection (
  • Halftone filter added. Find it in the main menu: Filters > Artistic.
  • add a new Eraser Switch Opacity feature, similar to the Eraser Switch Size one.
  • new layer from visible option in layer menu
  • OSX: add quicklook plugin
  • Added support for loading Scribus XML palettes.


These features on top of a few dozen other fixes and changes.  Krita certainly is developing nicely and Google’s Summer Of Code program has been a big help.

Krita is available for download here.

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