LeadWerks Marketplace Launched

These days it seems most game engines have an integrated marketplace that make it easy for their users to acquire assets such as models, levels and scripts.  The Leadwerks game engine just launched a store of their own.  The Leadwerks Marketplace launched with over 50GB of assets with categories of Models, Materials, Scripts, Shaders and Image1.png.24d14b7a0b167925a73218b14beb0d80.pngSounds.  There are a few free assets available, but oddly no ability to sort by price.  You can browse the contents of the marketplace using the link above.  The Leadwerks Marketplace is intended as a replacement for the Steam Workshop that didn’t work out as hoped.

Details of the marketplace from the Leadwerks blog:

How does Leadwerks Marketplace improve things?:

  • Easy download of zip files that are ready to use with Leadwerks. You can use File > Import menu item to extract them to the current project, or just unzip them yourself.
  • All content is curated. Items are checked for compatibility and quality.
  • Clear technical specifications for every file, so you know exactly what you are getting.
  • Cheap and reliable storage forever with Amazon S3.
  • Any DLCs or Workshop Store items you purchased can be downloaded from Leadwerks Marketplace by linking your Steam account to your profile.
  • Easy publishing of your items with our web-based uploader.

We’re launching with over 50 gigabytes of game assets, and more will be added continuously. To kick off the launch we’re offering some items at major discounts during the Summer Game Tournament.

Be sure to read the blog for a great deal more details as well as information on how to link to your Steam account.

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