LibGDX 1.7.2 Released


Just in time for the first ever LibGDX Game Jam, LibGDX 1.7.2 was released. 



This released included the following updates:

[1.7.2]  - Added AndroidAudio#newMusic(FileDescriptor) to allow loading music from a file descriptor, see #2970  - Added GLOnlyTextureData, which is now the default for FrameBuffer and FrameBufferCubemap, see #3539  - Added rotationChanged() for Actor class, called when rotation changes, see  - Fixed crash on MacOS when enumerating connected gamepads.  - ParticleEmitter no longer says it's complete when it's set to continuous, see #3516  - Improved JSON parsing and object mapping error messages.  - Updated FreeType from version 2.5.5 to 2.6.2.  - Fixed corrupt FreeType rendering for some font sizes.  - API Change: FreeTypeFontParameter has new fields for rendering borders and shadows.  - FreeTypeFontParameter can render much better fonts at small sizes using gamma settings.  - BitmapFont can now render missing (tofu) glyph for glyphs not in the font.  - FreeTypeFontGenerator depreacted methods removed.  - Fixed BitmapFont color tags changing glyph spacing versus not using color tags. BitmapFont#getGlyphs has a new paramter. See #3455.  - Skin's TintedDrawable now works with TiledDrawable. #3627  - Updated jnigen to Java Parser 2.3.0 (  - FreeType fonts no longer look terrible at small size. This is a big deal!  - Updated to RoboVM 1.12.0, includes tvOS support!

Full details are available here.

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