LibGDX version 1.6 released


Title kinda says it all.  Version 1.6 of the popular, cross platform Java based game library LibGDX was just released.  The changelog from the release:

[1.6.0]  - API Change: GlyphLayout xAdvances now have an additional entry at the beginning. This was required to implement tighter text bounds. #3034  - API Change: Label#getTextBounds changed to getGlyphLayout. This exposes all the runs, not just the width and height.  - In the 2D ParticleEditor, all chart points can be dragged at once by holding ctrl. They can be dragged proportionally by holding ctrl-shift.  - Added Merge button to the 2D ParticleEditor, for merging a loaded particle effect file with the currently open particle effect.  - Added ability to retrieve method annotations to reflection api  - Added PixmapPacker.updateTextureRegions() method.  - Added ability to pack "anonymous" pixmaps into PixmapPacker, which will appear in the generated texture but not a generated or updated TextureAtlas  - Added PixmapPacker.packDirectToTexture() methods.  - API Change: PixmapPacker.generateTextureAtlas(...) now returns an atlas which can be updated with subsequent calls to PixmapPacker.updateTextureAtlas(...)  - API Change: FreeTypeFontGenerator.generateFont(...) now works with a user-provided PixmapPacker.  - Added DirectionalLightsAttribute, PointLightsAttribute and SpotLightsAttribute, removed Environment#directionalLights/pointLights/spotLights, added Environment#remove, lights are now just like any other attribute. See also  - API Change: BitmapFont metrics now respect padding. #3074  - Update bullet wrapper to v2.83  - Added AnimatedTiledMapTile.getFrameTiles() method

For the full release details check here.


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Of course don’t forget that GameFromScratch has a complete set of text based and video based LibGDX tutorials to get you started.  Oh and if you want to help support GameFromScratch making more tutorials like these, that would be cool too!  


In terms of changes in this update, only the text API changes should have any effect on the tutorials available on this site.  For details about upgrading your libGDX project, click here.

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