LOSPEC Gallery Kickstarter Launched

LOSPEC is a great community for pixel artists (previously featured in our Five Great GameDev Websites series) that just launched a Kickstarter to finance LOSPEC gallery. LOSPEC gallery aims to be a community for “digital restricted artists” to showcase their work exactly as it was created. This includes chiptune music, low-polygon, voxel and of course pixel art, uncompressed.

Details of the LOSPEC gallery kickstarter:

  •  Modern interfaces which makes it easy to upload and browse art from any device
  •  Custom art viewers which display low-spec art properly, without compression
  •  Small, focused community where you can more easily get to know people making similar art

Oh, you wanted to know specifically how Lospec’s gallery will be better than all the current options? Here is a list of features we plan on adding:

  •  Full page display that focuses on your art
  •  Pixel art viewer automatically zooms in without blurring (and allows user zooming and panning)
  •  Moderated categories and search terms so you can find similar pieces with ease
  •  Spec Detection automatically reads and displays info about your art such as resolution, palette, filesize and more
  •  Timed queues so all new pieces get an equal chance to be seen on the homepage
  •  Easy social media posting, so you don’t have to worry about resizing and uploading to multiple places

If you have never checked out LOSPEC, if you are a pixel artists I would highly recommend it. They have hundreds of concise GIF based pixel art tutorials, a huge palette database and an online pixel art tool. You can learn more about the LOSPEC Gallery kickstarter in the video below. Just one day into their first goal with 29 days remaining.

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