LOVE 0.9.1 released

Well, technically make that LÖVE, I don’t believe umlauts and URLs mix well.



Anyways, LÖVE 0.9.1 was released today.  LÖVE is an easy to use Lua game library I featured in my Lua Game Engine Roundup a couple years back.  Details of this release are:


0.9.1’s API is fully backward compatible with existing 0.9.0 games. Most of the changes are bug fixes, internal code improvements, and some API additions and updates to flesh out LÖVE’s features, especially in the module.

Here are some of the more interesting changes:

• Canvases can now be used with SpriteBatches, ParticleSystems, and Meshes. Canvases and Images are now both sub-types of the new Texture type, which those three things accept. SpriteBatch:setTexture (etc.) have been added, and SpriteBatch:setImage (etc.) is now deprecated, but not removed yet.

• Better support for retina displays in OS X has been added. To take advantage of it, you will need to enable the new “highdpi” window flag in either love.conf or love.window.setMode. When this is done on a compatible computer, the pixel resolution of the window will be double what the requested window size is. You will almost certainly need to adjust your code if you want to use this properly! The new function love.window.getPixelScale can help immensely.

• Canvases now have antialiasing support. You will need to request it when creating the Canvas, with the new function variant, height, texturetype, fsaa).

• A new function Source:clone has been added. This lets you create multiple static Sources which play the same sound much more efficiently (in terms of loading time, memory usage, and code duplication.)

• Some nasty bugs have been fixed, including an off-by-one issue in Joystick:isDown, breaking everything when is used sometimes, and 8-bit SoundData sounding completely wrong when loaded into a Source.


You can read the full release notes here

You can download love here.

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