Low Poly Game Dev Humble Bundle

There is new Humble Bundle of interest to game developers, the Low Poly Game Dev Bundle is a collection of low polygon game assets from Eldamar Studio and AnimPic Studios. The AnimPic assets are for Unreal Engine and Unity but can easily be exported to other game engines, the Eldamar Studio assets are in FBX format and can be easily used in any 3D game engine.

As with most Humble Bundles, this one is organized into tiers:

1$ Tier

Vehicle Low Poly Pack

Sci-Fi Weapons Low Poly Pack

POLY – Lite Survival Forest

POLY – Lite Survival Collection

POLY – Houses

Low Poly Planets Pack

Mid Tier

Winter Environment Low Poly Pack

Survival Low Poly Pack

POLY – Wild West

POLY – New York City Modular

POLY – Mega Survival Melee Weapons

POLY – Mega Survival Food

POLY – Mega Medical Kit

Low Poly Interior Pack

Food Low Poly Pack

Fantasy Low Poly Pack

Vehicle Low Poly Pack

Sci-Fi Weapons Low Poly Pack

25$ Tier

Low Poly Sci-Fi Pack

Post Apocalyptic Low Poly Pack

POLY – Nature Pack

POLY – Mega Construction Kit

POLY – Mega Survival Kit

Western Low Poly Pack

War Low Poly Pack

POLY – Survival Vehicles Modular

POLY – Survival Subway

POLY – Sci-Fi Sandbox Kit

POLY – Military Shooting Range

POLY – Megapolis City Pack

POLY – Mega Weapons Kit

POLY – Mega Survival Tools

Pirate Low Poly Pack

Low Poly Terrain Pack

Low Poly Modular City Pack

Horror Low Poly Pack

Futuristic Low Poly Pack

Forest Low Poly Pack

Converting Assets Guides:

You can learn more about the Low Poly Game Dev Bundle in the video below. Links on this page (like this one) contain a code that enable you to direct a portion of your purchase to support GFS (and thanks so much if you do!)

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