Lumberyard 1.17 Beta Released

Amazon have just released beta 1.17 of the Lumberyard game engine, a Amazon developed fork of the seminal CryEngine.  If you are interested in learning more about Lumberyard be sure to check out our previous hands-on video.  This new release contains over 70 improvement, fixes and changes including many quality of life changes, especially in regards to slices (Lumberyard prefabs).

Details of the 1.17 beta from the release notes:

  1. Improved Slice Override Visualization – Now when using the entity outliner, you get a quick visual queue where you’ve made your changes. Changes to a slice entity are now highlighted in orange to notify you at a glance that something has been edited and should be saved or reverted.
  2. WYSIWYG Slice Editing – Manipulate slices by dragging and dropping entities onto each other or pulling them out from a slice to remove them. This more intuitive workflow will help you work faster and accomplish tasks that would have taken several clicks in the past.
  3. Save Dialog Box details on Edits – All details are now presented if you click on the advanced save option. If you’re dealing with many slices, there are now filter controls that help you default to added/removed entities.
  4. Updated Entity Outliner Search/Filtering Options – There are now options to sort alphabetically ascending/descending with additional toggles to scroll to a selected slice and/or expand the hierarchy.
  5. Editor Only Status – Set an entity as editor only and it will not show up in game / at runtime. This is helpful when working across disciplines or teams to drop in markers guiding developers on changes or areas that need lighting addressed.

As well as the following fixes:


The cinematics system has the following fixes:

  • The Track View editor no longer stops working when you use the redo and undo functionality.
  • The redo and undo functionality now works properly in the Curve Editor.
  • The up and down buttons now work properly in the Key Properties dialog box.
  • You can no longer erroneously use quotation marks in the file prefix. Previously this prevented the Render Output tool from generating screenshots and videos.
  • The Simple Motion component is now removed when you remove the Actor component from an entity.
  • The Render Output tool is now disabled when you’re in game mode.
  • You can now extend or shorten a looped motion track.
  • Keys on a compound track now report values for subtracks.
  • When you deselect a sequence, it no longer erroneously appears in the Sequence drop-down list.


Slices have the following fixes:

  • Duplicating slice instance entities is now more stable.
  • Various performance improvements include serializing slices, decreasing the slice save time, and increasing system reliability.
  • Slices now have improved container serialization.
  • The zoom to selection functionality (keyboard shortcut Z) is now unified between the Entity Outliner and the viewport.
  • You can now save slices that have splines with deleted points.
  • Cubemap assets now save properly to nested slices.
  • You can now create an instance from a nested slice within a slice.
  • Component dependency sorting no longer misidentifies objects as being incompatible when a component provides the same service twice.
  • You no longer need to restart the editor to view changes to nested slices.
  • Entering a rotation value in one of the axis fields no longer modifies all of the axes in the viewport.
  • Material and texture asset reference fields are now detectable as an override when you modify these fields from the source slice data.
  • The Thumbnailer component is now self-compatible.

UI Editor

You can now push a new slice instance into a UI slice.

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