Lumberyard 1.26 Released

Amazon have just released a new version of their CryEngine derived game engine, Lumberyard. Lumberyard is free to use, with the source code available, so long as your multiplayer services are either self hosted or use Amazon technologies. The 1.26 release brings several new features, including several around quality of life and usability.

Key features of Lumberyard 1.26 include:

  • UI 2.0 with updates across the entire user interface
  • WhiteBox modelling tool improvements
  • Updates to dynamic terrain and landscape canvas
  • PhysX physics simulation now production ready
  • Improvements to Setup Assistant and Project Configurator
  • RAD Tools support for physics simulation telemetry
  • Updated and streamlined Viewport Interaction Model (needs to be enabled)
  • Improved documentation

You can learn a great deal more about the Lumberyard 1.26 release in the release notes or by watching the video below. A great deal of focus was also given to the documentation including a new Welcome Guide to get you up and running.

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