Made in Ukraine Unity MegaBundle

Following up on their March bundle Unity have just announced a second Made in Ukraine MegaBundle. This is a collection of Unity assets in three price tiers, with all revenue in support of Humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Additionally all of the developers are Ukrainian and will receive a portion of the sales, with Unity donated 100% of their proceeds.

Tiers of the MegaBundle include:

30$ Tier

RTS mega Pack Fantasy Buildings

Farland Skies – Low Poly

Stylized Desert Nature

Hazard & Safety 285 Signs Collected

35$ Tier

7 Cars Pack

Hide Find Seek

Cartoon Vehicles Full Pack

Modular Egyptian Temple

40$ Tier

Nature Package – Forest Environment

Runtime Transform Handles

Stylized Vehicles Pack – Low Poly

Low Poly Megapolis

Epic Toon VFX 2

Speech Recognition using Google Cloud

Scratch Card



Gothic UI

Android Native Goodies

Fantasy Hex Tiles + Decorations


Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit

Retro Aesthetics

Sci-Fi Shader Pack

You can learn more about the Unity Made in Ukraine MegaBundle and see a few of the assets in action in the video below.

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