MagicaCSG Released By Maker of MagicaVoxel

MagicaCSG, a free signed distance field 3d modelling and rendering application was just released by ephtracy, the maker of the popular voxel application MagicaVoxel. The development of MagicaVoxel ended in September of 2020 and this appears to be the authors new project.

EDIT — 6/15/21 — MagicaCSG can now export meshes! Check out our MagicaCSG to Blender tutorial available here.

MagicaCSG is a very new release, in fact it’s labeled as a 0.0.0 release and is currently Win64 only. It has been test on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, required OpenGL 4.6 and 2GB of GPU VRAM to run. There is no documentation available and currently there does not appear to be anyway to export your work for use in another 3D application or game engine.

MagicaVoxel is built around SDF or signed distance fields, a mathematical way of representing the shell around 3D objects. You create more complex 3D shapes by applying a series of boolean operations on strokes, which are essentially geometric objects like cubes, cylinders and polygon shapes. By adding, subtracting and intersecting shapes, you can model more complex organic objects. You can learn more about the magic of Signed Distance Fields on this excellent website.

MagicaCSG is available for download for Win64 only right here. You can learn more about MagicaCSG and see it in action in the video below. We have also done hands-on videos with Ephtracy’s prior projects, MagicaVoxel and AeriaLOD if you are interested in learning more.

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