MagicaVoxel 0.99.4 Released

MagicaVoxel, the cross platform completely free voxel editing application, just released a new version, 0.99.4 (and  The release is focused heavily on adding new rendering functionality.

Details of the release(s):

  • Renderer []
    • Sky->IBL: Image Based Lighting. use “.hdr” format panorama images to light the scene.
    • Fog: add Equi-angular sampling back to reduce noises. support fogs in othogonal views in a bounding volume.
    • Media: enable Sample->TR-Shadow to allow single direct lighting; enable Sample->MIS-Cloud to allow multiple direct lighting (very expensive).
    • Color all color options have their own color pickers which support HSV, RGB, H-Block and Hex values.
    • Palette Menu right click the palette view to show the pop-up menu.
  • Renderer [0.99.4]
    • Matter->Cloud: Media material which supports multiple scattering inside volume.
    • Sample->MIS-GGX: Multiple Importance Sampling (MIS) for GGX surfaces (Metal/Plastic/Glass) for better reflection.
    • Sample->TR-Shadow: Tranlsucent Shadow which allows light passing though glass and cloud voxels. Only Glass->Attenuation can affect the light color.
    • can adjust Bounce->Diffuse/Specular/Scatter path depths separately.
    • can assign glass/cloud materials to sphere/cylinder shape voxels (for experiments only).
    • the renderer pipeline is refactored, which needs more time to improve, optimize and fix bugs.
    • some features such as fog scattering requires more researches.
    • frame drops and noises are expected.

MagicaVoxel is available here.  For the basics on getting started with MagicaVoxel check out our earlier video available here.  If you are looking for an alternative Voxel editing application check out our list available here.

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