Major Updates on Atomic Game Engine — Plus Runtime now MIT Licensed


Thunderbeast games just released their 4th development digest announcing some pretty major changes to the Atomic Game Engine, including a license change to MIT for the runtime.


From the release:

We’ve been focused on improving the Atomic Editor’s content pipeline, workflow, and usability, and are thrilled to announce a new binary is available on the download page!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting updates since the last Development Digest!

New Atomic Editor Binary Available for Download

A new Atomic Editor binary is available on the download page! This version is loaded with new editor features and enhancements, including:

  • New code signed Windows installer for the Atomic Editor
  • Multi-node and component editing with full undo/redo
  • Cubemap generation in the editor
  • Submesh hiding and animation sharing between FBX and Blender files
  • Resizable player preview window that remembers its position, enabling 2 monitor workflow (thanks @rsredsq)
  • Shortcuts for toggling Translate/Rotate/Scale (W/E/R) and between Global/Local transform (X)
  • Hotkey support for common editor tasks: Build, Cut, Copy/Paste, Save, and Play
  • Gizmo translation/rotation/scale snapping (Edit Menu – Snap Settings, hold down Ctrl(Cmd) while dragging gizmo to snap)
  • Frame selection (F key)
  • Orbit selection (F to frame selection, Alt + Left Mouse + Drag to orbit)
  • Navigate the Project and Hierarchy panels using up/down arrow keys (left/right to close and expand nodes)
  • Translate the camera up/down (Q/E keys)
  • Move camera towards mouse position (Alt + Mouse Wheel)
  • New and updated examples available in the editor and on GitHub, including several examples with virtual DPad support and the new 2D Breakout example with touch controls, again thanks to @rsredsq!
  • … bug fixes, and much, much more!!!

Atomic Runtime Now Under the Permissive MIT License!

The Atomic Runtime is now under the permissive MIT license! This gives developers complete control over every line of code in their shipped products and is a reflection of our core philosophy. The full C++ source code is available on GitHub.

Community License (Free!)

We’ve introduced the free Community License which includes the: 2D Module, Windows, Mac, and WebGL deployment, full source code and the choice of one Atomic Pro feature: 3D Module, Android, or iOS. The Community License is available to both individuals and entities. More information is available at The Atomic Store.

WebGL is Now Free for Everyone

WebGL deployment is now free for all Atomic Pro and Community licensees!

We’ve also significantly reduced the initial download size for the Atomic Web Player down to 2.5 megs (2D) and 3.3 megs (3D), compressed. This includes UI, networking, physics, the JavaScript VM, etc. The player caches, so this is only for the initial download of the page.

A big thanks to the Microsoft Edge Dev team for their assistance, the demos now run blazingly fast on the Edge browser!

Lifetime Upgrades for Atomic Pro Licensees Extended

Lifetime Upgrades for all Atomic Pro licensees has been extended, for a limited time. This includes all features, all platforms, and all versions of Atomic Pro, forever, and is available to both Indies and Studios. Learn more at The Atomic Store.

Developer Snapshots Available to All Licensees

Developer snapshots are now available to all Community and Pro licensees. These snapshots come directly from the GitHub repo and provide access to the latest Atomic features, for testing and feedback. Download the latest developer snapshot!

Atomic Community Contributions

Thanks to the Atomic Community for these, and other, awesome contributions!

Type1J – WebSocket and new Web subsystem:

mattbenic – Added the ability to bind static C++ functions to script:

Shaddock Heath – Announced the TypeScript Project Seed:

Shaddockh is also building a dungeon crawl with 2D lighting, and a dungeon and terrain generator using his blueprint system for Atomic. Check out the Atomic Playground for more cool stuff from shaddockh!

CTrauma – Linux build updates:

rsredsq – Added a high performance Haxe vector math library which was featured in Haxe Roundup #334.

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