Make Games Play Games By Raspberry Pi Humble Bundle

There is a Humble Bundle of interest to game developers running now, the Make Games, Play Games by Raspberry Pi bundle. The heart of this bundle are three e-books on the topic of retro game development, as well as one e-book on the topic of building your own FPS in Unity. Additionally the bundle consists of several issues in PDF format of Wireframe and Custom PC magazines.

It should be noted that you can already download PDF versions of the Wireframe magazine here. It is one of the only magazines out there that covers the programming side of game development so it is definetly worth a look, especially considering the free price tag. You can learn more about the rest of this bundle in the video below.

The bundle is organised into tiers, and if you buy a higher dollar value tiers, you get all of the tiers below it as well. As with all Humble Bundles, you decide how your money is allocated, between the Publisher, Humble, charity and if you so choose (and thanks if you do!) to support GFS by purchasing using this link.

EDIT: It seems that two of the books are also available for free download on the Raspberry Pi site, Build your own FPS and Code the Classics Volume 1 are both available here. That makes this bundle mostly about supporting the Raspberry Pi group it would seem.

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