MakeHuman 1.2 Released

MakeHuman 1.2 community was just released and it represents a huge step forward for this open source character creation software. MakeHuman source code is available on GitHub under the AGPL source license with the associated assets being released under the CC0 license now, making it easier to use generated models in your commercial game projects, a nice change over previous releases.

MakeHuman 1.2 has several other new features including:

  • upgrades to the underlying code base to current versions of Python and Qt
  • new and improved Blender integration with the MakeHuman Plugin for Blender enabling live communications between MakeHuman and Blender
  • as mentioned above a license change on all assets/meshes/shaders/materials used in MakeHuman to CC0
  • easy download of 3rd party community assets (meshes, poses, etc) with a single click
  • improved plugin support
  • new improved installer for Windows machines

On the topic of Windows, starting with 1.2.0 MakeHuman no longer supports 32bit versions of Windows. You can learn more details about all of the changes in MakeHuman 1.2.0 in the release notes or by watching the video below.

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