Marmalade 6.1 released


The C++ mobile SDK Marmalade just announced release 6.1.


I suppose I can’t really refer to it as a mobile SDK any more, as one of the biggest features of 6.1 is the ability to target Windows and Mac OS desktops.


Other new features in this release are:


  • Target the desktop: With Marmalade 6.1 you can now deliver your apps to current Windows (7, Vista, XP) and Mac OS X platforms, as well as to Android MIPS devices and the latest LG Smart TVs.
  • Full flexibility: With Web Marmalade’s Plugins you can now mix HTML5 with native platform code, providing full flexibility and creativity.
  • Improved: Desktop graphics support, making it easier to develop and test Marmalade titles on a wide variety of desktop hardware.
  • Updated: You can now use floating-point within the graphics pipeline, allowing more intuitive manipulation of 3D assets.



Marmalade has been used to release a number of big name projects across many devices.  There is a free trial available, with pricing ranging from 149$ a year ( with a Splashscreen ), to 500$ a year ( no splash screen ) or a negotiated commercial license with full support ( including service level agreement ) and private beta access. 


One of the major features of the Marmalade SDK is the ability to target iOS without the need for a Mac.  I know there are a ton of small developers out there that want to make games for the iPhone and iPad, but don’t want to drop 1000$+ on an Apple computer.  If this description fits you, Marmalade might be the perfect option!

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