Marmalade Platform 8.4 Released


Marmalade is a popular C++/Lua (via Quick)  cross platform game engine that was used to make games such as Call Of Duty – Black Ops Zombies and Gods of Olympus.  Today they announced the release of version 8.4.  By far the biggest component of this release is that C++ 11 support is officially out of beta and available for use.  Additionally there were several fixes and a few deprecated platforms, including:

  • s3eCamera can now return high quality still images on Android, rather than the viewfinder preview
  • Windows 10 ARM builds can now be directly deployed to any attached device without any special configuration
  • Apple Pencil pressure reading is now supported on iPad Pro in addition to existing 3D Touch support
  • Slide Over and Split View multitasking now available to Marmalade apps on iOS 9 on supported devices
  • s3eWebView updated to use newer version of Chromium Embedded Framework on Windows Desktop

…and many, many more. For full details, please see the 8.4 release notes.

And finally, as announced earlier in May, this release also sees the removal of several technologies that have reached end-of-life:

  • LG Smart TV platform
  • BlackBerry platform (both BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry PlayBook)
  • MIPS (an Android-only architecture)

You can continue to use these technologies through older releases of the Marmalade Platform but these are now officially no longer supported.


You can read more about the release here.

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