Marmalade Platform 8.6 Released


Immediately following the news that they will be discontinuing development, Marmalade Platform 8.6 was released.  This release is primarily about ensuring capatiblity with the recently released iOS 10 and Xcode 8, as well as Android N.  It also underscores the problems current Marmalade developers will face when these releases are no longer made.  In addition to the new OS version support, there were several smaller features and fixes.


From the release notes:


  • Support for Xcode 8.
  • Compatibility with Android N.
  • Build and target Android N API level 24.
  • Multi-window support for Android N.
  • Support for Ogg Vorbis audio format on Android.
  • Custom mouse cursor support on Windows Desktop.

Changed since 8.5

Marmalade Hub
  • MSDK-2764 Hub now supports addition of files to a project without manual editing of the project’s MKB file.
  • MSDK-3093 Fixed an issue where Hub fails to pass architecture setting to when opening project in IDE for debugging unless the user explicitly sets it.
  • MSDK-3120 Fixed an issue where Hub passes incompatible options to the MKB System (specifically --buildenv-toolset=androidnative and --androidnative).
  • MSDK-3316 Removed BlackBerry from the Configurations → More… dropdown.
Marmalade Quick
  • MSDK-2702, MSDK-3210 Removed the need to have a copy of the quicklua “library” in each Quick app. To enable this, a newquickluadir option and sharedquicklua subproject have been introduced. See the updated Quick Harvest Hijinks tutorial projects for an example of how to take advantage of this new behaviour.
  • MSDK-1086 Updated docs to clarify behaviour when setting a node’s x/y position and calling physics:setTransform() on QNode objects.
  • MSDK-3100 Removed MIPS architecture (no longer supported) from user’s Quick prebuilt build script.
  • MSDK-2156 Fixed an issue where no restoreCompleted event would be generated by the QBilling library when restoring purchases if the user has not made any purchases at that time.
  • IwGxFont (MSDK-2881) Fixed an issue where the cursor position could be incorrect when using fonts that contain negative kerning.
  • IwGxFont (MSDK-103) Fixed an issue where glyphs with offsets could be rendered incorrectly. Application of this offset fix can be controlled using the FixGlyphWithOffsets ICF.
  • IwUtil (MSDK-898) Fixed a possible buffer overflow when using CIwImage with PNG resources.
  • Derbh (MSDK-3240) Fixed a crash when using auto-derbh system and calling s3eFileCheckExists().
  • Derbh (MSDK-3297) Fixed a memory leak after a failed call to dzArchiveAttach().
Platform Abstraction
  • s3eAudio (MSDK-1628) Added support for Ogg Vorbis audio format. (Android)
  • s3eAudio (MSDK-115) Fixed an issue that caused audio capture to be cancelled unexpectedly. (Android)
  • s3eVideo (MSDK-3123) Fixed a crash when Media Foundation DLLs are missing (now fails gracefully). (Windows Desktop, Simulator)
  • s3eVideo (MSDK-99) Fixed an issue where fullscreen video would sometimes not play in fullscreen. (Android)
  • s3eCamera (MSDK-2818) Fixed API availability and runtime camera permissions. (Android)
  • s3eCamera (MSDK-1961) Extended interface to pick concrete camera resolution.
  • s3eCamera (MSDK-2725) Implemented flash management.
  • s3eCamera, s3eCameraCapture (MSDK-2818) Fixed an issue on Android 6.0 and later where camera would not be available even after permission to use it was granted. (Android)
  • s3eKeyboard (MSDK-3136) Fixed an issue where character events were not created. (Windows Phone 8.1)
  • s3eClipboard (MSDK-3322) Fixed an issue where s3eClipboardSetText() failed to set the clipboard content. (Windows Desktop)
  • MSDK-2934 Compatibility with Android N.
  • MSDK-2950 Build and target Android N API level 24.
  • MSDK-2952 Multi-window support for Android N.
  • MSDK-3099 Can now handle long lists of external jar files when multidex is enabled on Android Native builds (would previously complain about the command line being too long).
  • MSDK-3101 Support for Xcode 8 (fixes an issue that prevented ARM and AARCH64 builds from being generated).
  • MSDK-3247 Added missing generation of two mandatory icons ([email protected] and [email protected]) to deployment scripts.
Windows Desktop
  • MSDK-2720 Added support for custom mouse pointers via the new s3eWindowGetCursor(),s3eWindowSetCursor() and s3eWindowLoadCursor() APIs.
Mac OS X
  • MSDK-3239 Added osx-ext-dylib-links build option to build extensions with dynamic libraries.
  • MSDK-3313 Fixed an issue where the S3E_POINTER_BUTTON_MOUSEWHEELUP and S3E_POINTER_BUTTON_MOUSEWHEELDOWN events reset the pointer coordinates to 0,0.
  • s3eFacebook (MSDK-2614) Fixed error message after cancelled reauthorisation. (iOS, Android)
  • s3eFacebook (MSDK-2614) Fixed an issue where sending a game invite would required a second login. (Windows Store 8.1)
  • s3eFacebook (MSDK-2914) Added support for sending app activation event to Facebook (controlled by the EnableAppEvents ICF setting). Was already supported on iOS. (Android)
  • s3eFacebook (MSDK-2632) Moved to using the official Facebook SDK from Microsoft to implement the extension’s API. (Windows 10)
  • s3eWebView (MSDK-2680) Fixed behaviour of links opened in default browser. (Windows 10)
  • s3eWebView (MSDK-3022) Fixed an issue that prevented opening of PDF files in a web view. (Windows Desktop)
  • s3eWebView (MSDK-2600) Added ability to share assets among all groups by adding them to the new[SHARED_TO_ALL_GROUPS] group.
  • s3eWebView (MSDK-3209) Improved documentation for S3E_WEBVIEW_WINDOWLESS_FRAMERATE.
  • s3eFlurry (MSDK-1699) Updated Android SDK v6.4.0 version and iOS SDK to v7.6.4. (iOS, Android)
  • s3eFlurry (MSDK-1198) Updated Windows Phone 8 SDK to v3.1.2. (Windows Phone 8)
  • s3eFlurry (MSDK-1701) Fixed an issue with interstitial ad callbacks. (iOS)
  • s3eAndroidGooglePlay (MSDK-2963) Fixed a number of null pointer exceptions. (Android)
  • s3eAndroidGooglePlayBilling (MSDK-3232) Updated and related utilities to newer version. (Android)
  • s3eIOSGameCenter (MSDK-3196) Fixed an issue where authentication dialog cancel callbacks were not being called. (iOS)
  • s3eAdDuplex (MSDK-2561) Fixed an issue where the AdControl would be reported as hidden or invisible. (Windows 10)
  • MSDK-1440 Fixed mounting zip file on second run of s3eFileVFS example.
  • MSDK-3180 Added s3eCameraAdvanced example to demonstrate camera extended streaming and capturing functionality.
  • MSDK-254 Fixed a crash in the s3eAccelerometer example on Android x86.
  • MSDK-2564 Fixed an error when building the s3eDialog example on Windows 10 after rebuilding the extension.
  • MSDK-3074 Fixed a stream preview dialog issue in the se3Facebook example.

  • MSDK-3300 Fixed an assert in Stage 7 example when closing the example on Desktop or Simulator on OS X or Windows.
  • MSDK-3194 Fixed an issue that prevented s3eCameraAdvanced example from working correctly on Windows 10.
  • MSDK-3121 Fixed an issue where the background grid did not appear correctly in the Harvest Hijinks example on Windows Desktop.
  • MKB System (MSDK-3092) Attempting to use the MKB option --androidnative at the same time as options --buildenv=vc14 --buildenv-toolset=androidnative will now give an explicit error message (this is an invalid combination of options).
  • MKB System (MSDK-3342) Fixed an issue where selecting Edit from the right-click shortcut menu for MKB files would generate an error.
  • MKB System (MSDK-3321) Fixed an issue where removing a temporary build folder as part of generating an Android Native project could fail.
  • MKB System (MSDK-3320) Fixed an issue that could prevent an MKB project from being opened in Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Store.
  • Collada Converter (MSDK-3211) Fixed an issue that prevented the tool from running due to a missing DLL.
  • Deploy Tool (MSDK-3034) Fixed an issue where changes to some deployment options were ignored.
  • EDK (MSDK-3021) Fixed an issue where s3eEdkThreadRunOnOS() did not handle floating point return values correctly for AARCH64.
  • Simulator (MSDK-2698) Fixed an issue where resizing the Simulator window on OS X while the debug splash screen was being shown would result in a crash.
  • MSDK-3045 Updated documentation to highlight the new --androidnative build option.
  • MSDK-2774 Removed BlackBerry API reference documentation.

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