Marmalade SDK Is Dead


Marmalade is a long running C++ powered cross platform game framework responsible for some of the most successful mobile games ever created such as Peggle and Cut the Rope.  As of today it is one other thing, a dead man walking.  The Marmalade team have announced that they will be discontinuing Marmalade SDK development, laying out the future release schedule with the final release coming March 2017.  On that date the licensing servers will be shut down and you are on your own.  However if you want to continue developing with Marmalade after the closure there will be a new Source Edition made available starting in October:

From September to October you will be able to purchase an SE (Source Edition) version of the Marmalade Platform.

In addition to providing a perpetual license, Marmalade SE will allow you full access to the source code and build capability, enabling you to modify the Marmalade Platform as required.

Releases of Marmalade SE will start in October 2016 and finish in March 2017.

If you do not need this level of flexibility, then the final release of the regular Marmalade Platform in March 2017 will be made available as described above.


Now on to the actual announcement:

Marmalade has taken the difficult decision to restructure the platform business and will be moving to focus on the Marmalade Game Studio.

We want to make sure we provide the best support possible during this period of restructuring and we have planned a roadmap which we believe will best suit our customers’ requirements.

This roadmap and further details of the upcoming changes are provided in the FAQ below.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Marmalade SE (Source Edition) offering then please contact our Sales team. We understand that the needs of developers will vary based on the size of studio so please reach out to us to discuss your specific needs.

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