Marmoset Toolbag 4 Released

Marmoset have just released version 4 of their popular 3D Swiss army knife Toolbag. The release adds several new features such as a refined user interface, support for real-time rendering and NVIDIA RTX hardware. Yet perhaps most interesting of all, this release adds support for 3D texture painting, making Toolbag a viable alternative to Substance Painter.

Key features of this release include:

  • a new ray tracing rendering engine – path traced global illumination for modern GPUs
  • RTX-accelerated ray tracing renderer and baker via NVIDIA OptiX integration
  • Texture Projects – real-time 3D material authoring and texture painting tools
  • Customizable user interface – drag-and-drop windows, dual monitor support
  • Workspaces – UI preset layouts
  • Toolbag Asset Library – free base materials, sky presets, brushes, smart materials, smart masks, and more…
  • Bake Project to Texture Project livelinking – auto-populate and update texture project inputs in real-time
  • New raster rendering controls for SSAO, local specular reflections, and diffuse light scattering
  • New advanced shaders for refraction, subsurface scattering, microfiber, and clearcoat reflection

In the video below we go hands-on with the new 3D texturing abilities in Marmoset Toolbag. If you want to check out Toolbag 4 yourself you can do so using the fully functional 30 day free trial available here for Mac and Windows PCs.

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