MaxPlay Game Engine Closed Beta Begins


Back in October of 2015 the MaxPlay game engine was announced, but very little details were made available.  It’s a well funded, asset driven, cloud powered collaborative game engine and… that’s about all we know.  They have however just started a closed beta.


We are looking for a few good developers to join MaxPlay’s first closed beta test and become critical members of the team building the world’s most advanced game development platform.

Qualified applicants need to be willing to work with early-stage software, quick to provide strong critical feedback, and happy to engage with passionate developers in lively debate on the nuances of game development best practices.


If selected, you will be among the first people on the planet to experience the unprecedented power of the MaxCore™ runtime in addition to the groundbreaking real-time collaboration features of the MaxPlay GDS.

Closed Beta participants will:

  • Prototype games in a real-time collaborative environment with developers all over the world
  • Test drive the MaxCore™ runtime on PC, Android, and Oculus Rift
  • Become part of the MaxPlay development community and provide critical feedback to the MaxPlay team

Use the form below to apply for the first MaxPlay Closed Beta, scheduled to begin this fall.


You can apply to join the beta here.

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