MelonJS 2.0.0 released


The JavaScript game library MelonJS reached the milestone 2.0.0 release yesterday.



The key features of this release are:


  • Shape-based collision layer has replaced the tile-based collision layer.
  • WebGL support has landed! (Currently alpha-quality)
  • Many fixes and improvements with collision detection in isometric maps.
  • Physics bodies now support multiple shapes.
  • Automatic collision response handling is enabled by default, and fully customizable.
  • Support for most of the new features in Tiled 0.10, like :
  • Shape scaling and rotation (especially in TMX maps,)
  • TMX Tileset animations


You can read more about the release here.


You can read the change log here.


You can download MelonJS here.


You can view the source here.


You can see a rabbit with a waffle on it’s head here.


WebGL support is a nice add, as with it’s recent adoption in both Safari and Internet Explorer, it is certainly the future of HTML5 gaming.  While it’s popular I have never actually taken more than a cursory look at MelonJS, I really should jump in a bit deeper one of those days.


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