Microsoft MakeCode Game Engine

Microsoft MakeCode is a game engine aimed directly at getting people started with game development with an easy to use game engine.  MakeCode can be run directly in the browser using MakeCode Arcade requiring no login or signup to get started.  Programming is done using a Scratch like visual programming language, but at any point in time you can switch over to JavaScript that is being generated.   There is also the ability to extend the capabilities of MakeCode with extensions, that can also be written as JavaScript.

In addition there are several simple consoles and projects that can be used to run your generated games, which can also be simply saved and shared in the form of a custom encoded PNG image file.  If you are looking to start game development, or are interested in getting a child involved in game development, MakeCode is a great option.

Additionally MakeCode Arcade is an open source project available on GitHub under the MIT license, if you wish to contribute or simply run the server locally.

We go hands on and show creation of a simple game in the video below.

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