microStudio Game Engine Hands-On

microStudio is a game engine that runs entirely in your browser and makes it incredibly easy to get started creating 2D games, with a polished, well designed, comprehensive and documented set of tools. You can start as easily as going to microStudio.dev in your browser, clone an existing or create a new project and start coding, no account creation required.

Key features of microStudio include:

  • entirely browser based, no install or account creation required
  • simple Lua inspired programming language microScript
  • built in multi-file code editor with contextual documentation and syntax highlighting
  • run your game directly in browser or remote test on phones with live loading
  • pixel art editor
  • tile map editor
  • support for multiple devs with automatic synchronisation of changes
  • deploy your game as HTML5, or beta export support for Windows, Mac and Linux

You can learn more about microStudio and see in it action in the video below (or Odysee here). If you want to learn more or encounter a problem check out their discord server.

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