microStudio Game Engine Open Sourced

The microStudio game engine, first covered on GameFromScratch back in October of 2020, just open sourced. The code, written in CoffeeScript, was released on GitHub under the MIT open source license. MicroStudio is entirely browser based and is available at https://microstudio.dev.

MicroStudio is described as:

microStudio is a free, open source game engine online. It is also a platform to learn and practise programming.

microStudio can be used for free at https://microstudio.dev

You can also install your own copy, to work locally or on your own server for your team or classroom. You will find instructions below.

Programming in microStudio is quite simple, with a well documented Lua inspired scripting interface called MicroScript. The engine also includes most of the tools you need to create simple games, including an integrated image editor as well as a 2D map creator. There are also tools for collaborating with other developers when making a game. Once your masterpiece is complete you can easily share it with a simple URL, or you can publish it to a number of different platforms such as Windows, Android and Linux, with a single click build process. If you have any questions or comments, check out their community forums available here or jump on their Discord server.

You can learn more about microStudio and see it in action in our video below, or by checking out our previous more in-depth hands-on video.

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