mint Alpha 2.0 Released


mínt is a renderer agnostic ui library for the Haxe language that is part of the snõwkit family of libraries.  Put more simply, it’s a Haxe based cross platform UI library.  As the headline above suggests, they just released Alpha 2.0.  The major feature of this release is the addition of a scaling factor, making high DPI monitor support easy to implement.  There is also the beginnings of a UI editor which you can try right here in your browser.


This release also included several minor changes including:

  • control added children_at_point for a sorted list
  • window fixed close handle being a label
  • textedit fixed/added alignment options
  • margins added fixed offset to the anchor layout
  • examples added an empty luxe testbed and an AutoCanvas helper
  • lib added focus model, allowing user/platform specified focus handling
  • textedit add/enable IME entry (+ in
  • luxe added color options to most controls
  • slider josuigoa added invert flag
  • textedit added display_char for password type entry
  • lib fixed usage of luxe types in mint core code


More information about this release is available here while mint itself is available on Github.

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