Mixamo Character Animation Combiner

Mixamo Character Animation Combiner is a powerful tool for combining animations and characters from Adobe’s Mixamo and exporting the results in GLTF or GLB formats in just a matter of seconds. The results are game ready and can immediately be imported into the 3D tool or game engine (I used Godot in the video below) with little effort and nearly flawless results.

EDIT 2022 –

The origonal version of this went offline early 2021. Thankfully it now appears to be available here with the source code available here.

The project is also open source, written using the JavaScript language and the Three.js framework, and is available here on GitHub. The project is released under the flexible MIT license. The Animation Combiner is hosted online, but can also be built locally by cloning the repository and running using npm (Node.js). You can learn more about the Mixamo Character Animation Combiner and set it in action in the video below.

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