Mixcraft Recording Studio 9 Tutorial

Mixcraft is an excellent DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that is currently featured in HUMBLE SOFTWARE BUNDLE: MEGA SOUND DESIGNER LOOP CRATE VOL 2. The software was previously released in the first volume in 2020. In addition to Mixcraft the bundle also included several VSTs including Pianissimo Virtual Grand Piano, Surrealist MG-1 Plus, DCO-106 and Voltage Modular, all of which are featured in this video tutorial.

Since picking up Mixcraft in the previous bundle, it has become my defacto tool for song creation and is a program I highly recommend, especially at this price. In the video tutorial below, we showcase how you can use Mixcraft to create music, as well as showcasing the VSTs included in the bundle as well as a brief discussion of YouTube ContentID and the ramification of using loops/samples in your own creations. There is just over a week remaining in the Mixcraft Humble Bundle. If you use our link to purchase the bundle we receive a small commission (and thank you!).

If you are in the market for a free DAW be sure to check out our free audio software guide available here on DevGa.me.

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