More PlayStation Mobile tutorials available (not made by me)


While I was working on my PlayStation Mobile book I didn’t produce all that many PlayStation Mobile tutorials.  I guess it was a matter of PSM overload in a way, although you should expect to see a few more in the near future covering things that have been added since the book was released.  The good new is, there is another developer, Alex McGilvray, that has created some great PSM tutorials!  His series of tutorials are a bit lower leveled than the ones here on GameFromScratch and are a good compliment.


He has made the following tutorials:

Tutorial 1 — Getting Started

Tutorial 2 Part 1 – Shader Programming

Tutorial 2 Part 2 – Vertices, Indices and Vertex Colors

Tutorial 2 Part 3 – Texture Coordinates

Tutorial 2 Part 4 – Vertex Buffers

Tutorial 2 Part 5 – The Render Loop

Tutorial 3 – Improving PSM Rendering Performance


Or you can just check out his blog.  Nice work Alex! 

Programming PlayStation Mobile PSSDK

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