My Blender Keyboard Shortcuts

The following is a list of keyboard and mouse shortcuts for using Blender.  It is mostly for my own reference and exists because many of the existing shortcut lists out there a) are out dated and largely irrelevant now b) are too comprehensive.  I really only care to record the keys that are most useful to me in my work on GFS.  Hopefully they prove useful to you as well.

This is very much a live document, so as I find new shortcuts I use, I add them here.

In Object Mode:
TShow/Hide Object Tools
NShow/Hide Transform Window
CTRL + TWith Camera selected, then object, tracks (points) to object
GGrab mode, like a freehand move
G then x/y/z
R then x/y/z
S then x/y/z
Limited Move/Rotate/Scale to giving axis.  For example, hitting the G key, then the X key will limit your movement to the X axis
Shift – SpaceToggles visibility all but active window ( ie, will hide/show Outliner and Timeline if using 3D View )
Ccircle Select
BRectangle select
In Edit Mode:
ASelect All
TShow/Hide Edit Tools
(Num Pad)   .Zoom selected
BRectangle Select
CTRL + EEdge menu
CTRL + FFace menu
CTRL + VVertices menu
TABSwitch between EDIT and Object
CTRL + TABSwitch between Vertex/Face/Edge menu


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