MyPaint 2.0.0 Released

MyPaint 2.0.0 was released a few days back.  MyPaint is an open source natural media painting application that first started development in 2004, designed from day one to work with Wacom style tablets.  The 2.0.0 release adds several new features including:

  • Linear compositing and spectral blending (pigment).
  • Layer views.
  • Brush strokes dependent on view rotation and view zoom.
  • Additional symmetry modes: vertical, vertical+horizontal, rotational, snowflake.
  • Expanded flood fill functionality: offset, feather, gap detection and more.
  • New brush settings: offsets, gridmap, additional smudge settings, posterize, pigment.
  • New brush inputs: barrel rotation, base radius, zoom level, gridmap x/y, direction 360, attack angle.
  • Several other fixes and changes, see the full changelog for details.

The release also contains various different bug fixes and features.  MyPaint is available for Windows and Linux with binaries available here with the Mac OS X version available on MacPorts.  MyPaint is open source with the source code hosted on GitHub available under the GPL 2 open source license.  You can learn more about, and see MyPaint 2 in action, in the video below.

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