Myra Real-Time Photorealistic Godot Android Demo

At the beginning of the year we covered an impressive real-time Godot rendering example Ella that showcases the graphical capabilities of the Godot game engine running onWindows, Mac and Linux. Today they released a brand new Godot rendering example, Myra, again using photogrammetry, but this one runs on Android.

Running at an impressive 120 FPS on my Samsung S21 Ultra, Myra is described as:

Real time photogrammetry demo for mobile, made with Godot Engine. Uses 3D scans of actual people and objects for the most realistic graphics. Lighting is done with high quality baked lightmaps. Designed to run on mobile devices, and allows you to rotate the camera and look at the scene.

A newer Android phone and OpenGL ES3 are required.

Key Links

Myra on

All Demos on

Cybereality Homepage

You can learn more about the Myra Godot example on Android, as well as the prior Aneila, Maya and Decay demos showcasing Godot rendering capabilities in action in the video below.

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