NCSoft Add JavaScript Support to Unreal Engine


Until now your language choices when using Unreal Engine have either been the high level graphical Blueprints or low level C++.  Today however NCSoft, makers of Lineage, Guildwars and more just release an extension that adds Javascript support to UE4.  Announced on the UE4 forums (login may be required) the extension was released on Github with full source under the Apache2 open source license.  From the readme:

  • Powered by latest V8 (ES6)
  • CommonJS modules
  • Full access to the whole UnrealEngine API
  • Free to subclass existing classes including blueprint
  • Web-dev like UMG (Jade, pseudo-css, pseudo-angular.js)
  • Live reload
  • Communicate with outer world: REST, process(pipe), arraybuffer, …
  • Bridge API for editor extension
  • Auto-completion for Visual Studio (auto-generated *.d.ts)
  • Dedicated Javascript console on UnrealEditor

The add-on is tightly integrated with Unreal including the ability to subclass existing classes:

class MyActor extends Actor {    properties() {      this.MyProp/*EditAnywhere+Replicated+int*/;    }    RPC(x/*int*/) /*Server+Reliable*/ {      console.log('This function is replicated',this.MyProp++);    }  }  let MyActor_C = require('uclass')()(global,MyActor);  if (GWorld.IsServer()) {     new MyActor_C(GWorld);  }  

Very cool.  Head on over to the Github page for installation instructions.

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