NeoAxis 2020.6 Released

The NeoAxis game engine just had a new release, NeoAxis 2020.6. NeoAxis is a Windows based 2D/3D game engine we previously showcased here and that was recently open sourced, sorta. The biggest new feature of NeoAxis 2020.6 is initial support for the Android platform. Other NeoAxis 2020.6 features include:

  • Android support via Xamarin.Android and OpenGL ES with Vulkan support in the future
  • New GUI controls including:
    • Tab Control
    • Context Menu
    • Tooltip
    • Toolbar
    • Images on UI Buttons
  • Easy Skybox importing
  • Automatic material tuning

You can learn more about the NeoAxis 2020.6 release here. Our previous hands-on video is available below.

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