NeoAxis 2020.8 Released

The NeoAxis Engine, which was recently open sourced, just released version 2020.8. The key new feature of this release is a new streamlined education version with a streamlined and easier to learn user interface. There were a variety of other improvements including:

  • Transform tool has been improved. Move & Rotate mode has been added. Better visual look of the tool.
  • Screen labels have been improved. Icons, permanent visible labels, the ability to configure visual settings of the labels.
  • Various improvements to the editor for more intuitive creation of base objects.
  • Render To File component. A tool for rendering a scene to a file.
  • Skybox component has been improved. Now source texture is used for scene background instead of using processed cubemap. The processed cubemap now is used only for reflections.
  • Fog, cubemaps, lighting were fixed.
  • Significant reduction in memory consumption.
  • Debug Info: More info about memory consumption.
  • Automatic unloading textures which are not used long time.

You can learn more details about the 2020.8 NeoAxis release here. We have gone hands-on with previous versions of NeoAxis, such as in this video, which is also embedded below.

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