New Blender tutorial coming soon



I am just embarking on my next tutorial series that I hope you will find interesting.  As I said earlier, I’ve rather neglected the art side of things.  What I am going to do is go from nothing to a sprite sheet and show all of the steps in between.  That will basically consist of:


Box modeling a spaceship in Blender

Texturing that spaceship

Rendering the spaceship

Turning the renders into a spritesheet



So, pretty much every step of the process for making game art from scratch using Blender ( plus a little external 2D work ).  I am of course a programmer that does 3D as a hobby, so this is very much going to be a programmers approach to 3D art!  What exactly does that mean?  I’m not really sure, probably that I will do things lazily, incorrectly and in a crude manner, so don’t take what I do as the gold standard! Winking smile


Unlike with my C++ tutorial, this one will be a bit less structured and updated a bit more often.  Your feedback and suggestions are of course appreciated.

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