New Corona Plugin adds Facebook Ad Network Support


Corona Labs have released a new plugin for Corona, their Lua based mobile game SDK.  The plugin adds support for Facebook Audience Network, which is basically Facebook’s ad network.

From the plugin announcement:

Corona Labs is pleased to announce immediate availability of the Facebook Audience Networkplugin. This new plugin brings Facebook Ads to your Corona-based apps with the same insights and demographic targeting you get with ads in Facebook.

Using familiar API calls like .load() and .show(), you can easily implement the Facebook Audience Network into your apps and begin monetizing with the power of Facebook.

To get started, visit the Getting Started with the Audience Network page which will guide you through setting up your existing Facebook-enabled app or setting up a new Facebook app.


Be sure to note:

For monetization through the Facebook Audience Network plugin, Corona Labs takes a 20% revenue share in the form of a ratio model. No special action is needed during implementation — simply integrate the plugin and 1 out of every 5 ads will be served on a Corona Labs placement ID.

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