New GameMaker Console and Ultimate Versions Released

YoyoGames have announced two new versions of their popular GameMaker game engine, console and ultimate.  Console is a license that enables you to target PS4 or XBox One development, while Ultimate is an all in one license for all of their supported platforms.

From the press release:

DUNDEE, SCOTLAND – JUNE 20, 2017 – YoYo Games is expanding the ways in which professional developers can get their hands on one of Wizard_Image_Editor_Screenshotthe world’s leading 2D game engines, GameMaker Studio 2. The engine is now available as a console-only license and an all-in-one Ultimate license. Both the Console and Ultimate versions require users to be officially registered developers on all platforms for which they wish to use GameMaker Studio 2.


Developers also now have the option to purchase a console-only license, which includes:

  • A straightforward way to access powerful development tools for either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One;
  • Provides the exact same game-engine functionality as the Ultimate version;
  • Can be purchased for $799.99 per seat for a one-year license.


Videogame developers looking for a one-stop-shop route can now purchase the GameMaker Studio 2 Ultimate license, which allows:

  • Cross-platform development for all supported platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and more;
  • Admittance to all of GameMaker Studio 2’s well-regarded support platforms and communities;
  • Can be purchased for $1,500 per seat for a one-year license.

In addition to the two new licensing options, GameMaker also released version 2.07 with the following new features:

  • New image editor tools such as Blur and Reverse Frames;
  • Rewrite of the engine’s start page for a better experience;
  • HTML5 updates and bug fixes.

The full changelog of the 2.07 release is available here.

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