New Godot Game Publishing On Nintendo Switch Program by

Godot web publishing service, previously covered on GFS here are moving into publishing with an innovative offer for Godot engine developers. In addition to publishing Godot games to their online portal, you can now apply to be published to the Nintendo Switch with taking care of the porting, publishing and promotional aspects of the game launch.

The publishing terms/revenue share is very reasonable and represents virtually zero risk from the developers perspective.

Details from the Gotm Publishing Program page:

There is zero upfront cost to this, which is what makes this deal very special. Instead it is paid for by sharing revenue from the platforms.

The developer and Gotm share the revenue from based on’s regular revenue share program.

On Nintendo Switch the revenue (after Nintendo has taken their share) will be: Until Gotm and its partners have recuperated a total of 4375 USD, the developer gets 30%. After this, the developer gets 70%.

Even better, the program doesn’t require exclusivity, you can still publish your Godot engine game to other platforms. You can learn more about the Nintendo Switch Godot game publishing agreement in the contract available here or watch the video below.

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