New Version of Goo Create and New Forums Launched


Quickly after the open sourcing of Goo engine,  Goo have announced a new version of their Goo Create tool.  They also launched a new developer forum.

From the announcement:

New Features/Improvements

UI Overview inside of Create

New users get presented with a general UI overview of the Dashboard and Create. Hopefully this will help people get started and contribute to the creation of a larger and more dynamic community that everyone can benefit from.

Uniform (and proportional) Scaling


There is a new checkbox in the Transform Component panel that lets you enable uniform scaling. When this setting is enabled, changing one of the scale values will also change the other values to ensure that they keep the proportions between them. For example, if the scale is set to (1, 1, 1), changing the scale along the X axis to 2 will result in a scale of (2, 2, 2).

Correct script names in the Chrome DevTools

Scripts will now show their correct name in the Chrome DevTools. This makes it a lot easier to debug your scripts.

Other Improvements
  • Numerical (spinner) inputs we improved to ensure that text selection works properly and that dragging up or down to change the value works in a smooth way (not stopping to change will dragging over the “threshold” area).
  • Texture positioning inputs now use steps of 0.01 for a more precise control.
  • Added touch support for the button script.

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