Have you got the time?

    Handling game time is problem that almost all games have to deal with.  A very good question recently came up in my C++ game from scratch tutorial about why I didn’t normalize the players movements which reminded me of a post on the subject.     Years ago Shawn Hargreaves of XNA ( […]

Doom 3 source finally available

    Continuing the long standing ( and very cool ) tradition of releasing id source code a number of years after being released to market, the Doom3 engine/game source code has been made available on GitHub.     I have only had the chance to peruse it briefly, but I have to say what […]

New version of Unreal Developer Kit (UDK ) released today

    Epic has released a new version of their UDK.  Updated features include:   Upgraded to Scaleform 4 Vastly improved rendering integration with multithreaded renderer Added Action Script 3 support. Action Script 2 is still supported. Includes CLIK 3.0 (Lightweight Interface Kit) Major improvements to the AMP profiler Updated UDN documentation     Unreal […]

Wow, it’s good deal time if you are an artist!

    In doing some link checking for a review I am working on, I started noticing that there are some pretty major sales going on… that whole Black Friday thing.  To non-Americans, Black Friday is a tricky thing to explain.  It’s name is routed in this Friday representing the day retailors traditionally went “Into […]

PlayN 1.0.1 pushed to Maven Central

  The new update should make the install process even easier. The process still works the same, just now with less annoying warnings and work around required.  Also, the Java (target) has been split out as an individual sub-project, a move which makes lots of sense.  I would describe why, but frankly the original author […]

Mobile Flash is… dead?

  According to ZDNet Adobe just took Flash for mobile out to the pasture and put a bullet in it.   Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer adapt Flash […]

PlayN automated installer!

   EDIT: 11/7/2011 Google has published to Maven Central, which makes this entire process obsolete.  Refer to here for new instructions.  Fortunately the new process is much nicer and faster. PlayN is a wonder piece of technology with a horrible installation process, which is a shame as I think more people should check it out.  So […]

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