So you want to build Blender yourself?

  EDIT: Now with video!   After yesterday’s post, I noticed there wasn’t a recent build of Avocado available so I got to wondering how much work it would be to build a Blender branch.  In the end the answer is “not much”, with a bunch of caveats.  Frankly the hardest part is configuring your […]

Blender 2.6 is finally available!

    It took a while, but Blender 2.6 is finally here.  I have to admit I am a bit disappointed as I recall from a earlier roadmap that 2.6 was going to be the branch where the BMesh project ( ngons ) were going to be added to Blender, but sadly that didn’t happen.  […]

Adventures in Playn-land, gotcha number 1

  Just a quick note to the people, like myself, that are checking out Google’s new game library PlayN.  The getting started guide says to git clone   This will error out if you try it.  Instead use the url   I don’t know if this is a typo, or if the https […]

Blender 2.6 Release Candidate um… released.

  So if you want to stay on the bleeding edge, go get it.   Or of course you can just wait 10 days for the 2.60 official release.   The main changes are: 3D audio support Translated UI with support for non-western fonts Improved nodes editing Animation system improvements Texture face properties moved to […]

Why is my imported model so damned tiny?

  This is a pretty common gotcha when working with Unity, but it’s so damned annoying it’s worth bringing attention to it.   If you export an FBX model, in this case from Blender, into Unity it might be really really really really tiny, even though you set it’s size up appropriately in Blender before […]

Introducing GameFromScratch C++ Edition

  Regardless to what you say to people, they still want to start with C++.  In looking around recently for beginners resources in C++, I noticed many of these tutorials are brutally out of date and simply put, many of them are crap.     That’s why I took a bit of a detour from […]

Customizing Blender’s UI

  When just starting out with Blender, figuring your way around the UI is probably the most difficult step.  One of the most difficult things to come to terms with is creating and closing windows.  This is something that changed massively from Blender 2.4 to 2.5, so a lot of the documentation out there is […]

Monotouch lives!

  Great news for C# developers interested in iPod and Android development, it appears that Attachmate, the company that inherited the rights to Mono/Monotouch from the corpse of Novell, has released the IP to Xamarin.  Xamarin was the company founded by Miguel de Icaza.   This is great news for C# developers, especially those interested […]

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