Blender 2.6.4 release candidate 2 released today

  Just last week I announced the release of Blender 2.64 RC 1, well it appears that 2.64 wasn’t quite ready for prime time, as there is now another release candidate.   Since this is a second release candidate, I assume there is no new functionality ( the release notes are shared with the last […]

Device resolution quick reference

This is one of those things I am constantly searching for, so I figured I might as well put something together so I end up on my own site!   The following is simply a list of devices and their respective screen resolutions.  I am writing this as much for me as anything else, but […]

Running the FMOD Moai Host on Mac OS

I ran into a small problem today, that took more then a few cycles to puzzle out.   Basically I was installing and configuring Moai to work on Mac, and this process had a few steps. First I had to install the FMOD libraries and configure them in Xcode.  Then I needed to build each […]

Blender 2.64 release candidate released today

  The release candidate for the upcoming Blender 2.64 release was um, released today ( that’s a lot of releasing… ).   For game developers, there isn’t really a ton in this release targeting you, but then, we made out like bandits in the prior release so we can’t be greedy I suppose.   Of […]

Holy bloated Windows 7 install Batman!

In recent years I have gotten used to having increasingly larger hard drives, so I never really paid attention to how large Windows 7 had gotten.  Until I recently installed Win 7 on a 60GB SSD partition… and nearly half of if was consumed by the OS!   This is simply put, insane.   The […]

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