The open sourced Torque 3D game engine announces 2.0 release

GarageGames have announced the 2.0 release of the recently open-sourced Torque 3D game engine.   So, what is new?   Project Manager, a Qt based project creation tool, for creating projects from Torque Templates A dedicated Linux game server, guess this is easily the biggest new feature of this release Various smaller bug fixes and improvements […]

Silo 3D 2.0 for 47.99$ on Steam

So I fired up Steam today and lo and behold, what’s under the new release section?   Silo 2.       If you’ve ever read the GameFromScratch list of 3D Applications  you will see I am a fan of Silo.  It’s mostly a 3D modeller, its very good and previously used to be 200$. […]

Two and a half Unity 3D books added to the round-up

  I have added a pair of books, and replaced a duplicate entry with a different book on the Unity 3D Book Round-up. Another two Unity 4 books have been announced with release dates in March of 2013.   The first newish entry is Essential 3D Game Programming which replaced the duplicate entry of Unity […]

Gamedev Math: Handling sprite based shooting

This math recipe is a bit different.  It is in direct response to a question I received about how to give your sprite the ability to shoot.  That is exactly what we will be doing in this recipe.  There is no actual new math, it actually is just applying our prior recipes on Velocity and our recipe […]

Torque2D goes open source under the MIT license

  Some months back we announced that Torque3D had gone open source, now it’s 2D cousin has gone open source as well.    Torque2D is a 2D version of the Torque game engine that also includes WYSIWYG level editing tools and it’s own scripting language, TorqueScript.   As you can see from the picture to […]

GameDev math recipes: Collision detection using bounding circles

In our prior tutorial we looked at using an axis aligned bounding box to perform collision testing.  One big downside was the handling of sprite rotation.  Today, we will look at using a circle instead of a rectangle for our collision detection. The circle has the obvious advantage of being the same size no matter […]

Wont someone stop thinking about the children!

  I don’t throw around words like ‘Nanny State’ often or lightly, but when it comes to epically stupid “think of the children” laws effecting video games I take notice.  This one is a whopper though.  When I think Nanny State… there are a few countries and companies I think of, Germany and Nintendo nearly […]

First Unity 4 book added to Unity book list

  Things have been ultra quite on the Unity book front, perhaps the market was over saturated with books.  Today however I have added the first new book in a couple months and the first book covering Unity 4, Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity 4 by Sue Blackman.  If that author or book title […]

The cocos2D cross platform toolchain

  Yesterday the cocos2d community announced the first coordinated release of the cocos2d products.  What products comprise this family?   CocosBuilder v3.0-alpha0 cocos2d-html5 v2.1 cocos2d-iphone v2.1-beta4 cocos2d-x v2.1beta3-x–2.1.0   So what is the relationship between these products?  Well, this gets a bit confusing…  cocos2d is the original library, an Objective-C port of the original cocos2D […]

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