Playstation mobile development actually within reach of Indie developers?

    Back in November, Sony rather shockingly announced the closed beta of a C# based developer kit for PlayStation™Certified devices, which include their Xperia Play and more importantly, the Playstation Vita and their as of yet unreleased Playstation tablet.  Then nothing… complete silence.  Rumour suggested a 1000$ price tag, which was reasonable in regards […]

CryEngine 3.3.9 released

    CryTek’s freely available CryEngine has just had an update released.       Easily the biggest new feature is integration of Autodesk Scaleform, a Flash based UI solution, that was also recently integrated in the competing  Unity engine.  In addition to Scaleform support, they announced to following new features:     In addition […]

Photoshop Touch for Android update

  You may have read my review of Photoshop Touch for Android earlier.  If not, basically Photoshop Touch had all the makings of a very affordable while very capable Photoshop alternative for tablet owners.  That said, it was hobbled to the point of near uselessness by a couple really bad design decisions.     I […]

Blender 2.62 released today

  Blender 2.62 was released today.  The 2.6 series of releases is all about adding in the various branches that have been in development recently and this one is no exception.  Key new features include:   UV Tools, a number of new features have been added including an interactive stitch tool, sub-division surface aware UV […]

Unity 3.5 is live!

  Released in Beta back in December, Unity 3.5 is now out of beta!  This release is a pretty epic one to boot.  New features include: Flash export.  Compile your game to SWF format Google Native client targeting ( Chrome C++ ) Path finding built in A new particle system, editable in Edit Mode, group-able, […]

Creating a spritesheet using Daz Studio and The GIMP

    I have been playing around a bit with Daz 3D Studio since it was recently made freely available. At first I struggled to find an actual use for the program, then I realized how exceptionally easy it made creating animated sprites. The following tutorial will walk through creating the following walk cycle using […]

PlayN 1.1 released

  On the PlayN discussion forum PlayN 1.1 was just announced.  Complete release notes are available here.     Key new features include: add HTML Canvas backend ( in addition to the WebGL and deprecated DOM HTML5 back ends ) as a fallback for browsers that don’t support WebGL *cough* Internet Explorer *cough* iOS support… […]

Cool thing of the Week: Week 6

    Sculpting is all the rage in 3D these days, and for good reason.  You can quickly and fairly easily make incredibly detailed models in a very intuitive manner.  Many professional studios have slotted a sculpting application like Autodesk Mudbox or Pixologic ZBrush in their workflows.  Only one catch… got 800$?  In the world […]

Hexagon Manual / Documentation

    As I mentioned in my earlier review, all the links for Hexagon’s documentation are currently broken.  Since then, I have noticed a fair bit of search engine traffic  of people looking for documentation, for good reason too… this program is downright confusing!   I have noticed that although all of the links to […]

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