Quite around here….

    You may notice that the number of posts around here have dropped off recently and will drop off for a bit longer.  First off, let me just say sorry.  I know I personally hate it when I check on a website in my daily rotation if there isn’t any new updates.    So […]

Now for something completely dull!

  Having too much fun and want to make life a bit duller?   If so, I have the perfect site for you!  There is a newly launched game development blog at Dull as Dishwater. It’s extremely young at this point in time, with exactly two posts, one of which is the introduction post.    […]

Announcing the game development math tutorial series

  One of the most difficult concepts that new developers have to deal with is math.  As you may have noticed, i’ve been publishing a series of game math recipes over the past week or so.  I have now officially compiled them together into a single (static) page.  You can reach the table of contents […]

GameDev math recipes: Velocity

This recipe takes a look at the concept of velocity.  At first glance you might think velocity… oh, that’s speed.  But that isn’t quite all of it.  Velocity is simply put, something with speed and a direction. You can use velocity for hundreds of game related tasks, firing a bullet, flying a spaceship, etc.  As […]

GameMaker pulls a gigantic DRM blunder, annoys paying customers

  Alright, in the what not to do with DRM category, this one rates right up there with the Sony rootkit fiasco.  The popular game development program GameMaker by Yoyo Games recently released a DRM update, that resulted in this happening to some paying users assets:   (Image source reddit user passa91)   Oh and […]

Interesting book coming soon: Learn Lua for iOS Game Development

  Looking for the perfect gift for the geek who has everything?  Well, Learn Lua for iOS Game Development is coming out just before Christmas , plus it’s on sale for 25 bucks.  ( What’s with pre-release books already being on sale??? ).     Alright, hundreds of computer texts are released every year, dozens […]

PlayStation Mobile SDK hits 1.0 release

After a fairly long beta, PlayStation Mobile 1.0 SDK has finally reached 1.0. The following is the full text of the official press release: Tokyo, November 20, 2012–Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that it initiates the PlayStation®Mobile Developer Program which includes the official version of PlayStation®Mobile SDK*1 from today, in an effort to […]

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