Cool thing of the Week: Week 6

    Sculpting is all the rage in 3D these days, and for good reason.  You can quickly and fairly easily make incredibly detailed models in a very intuitive manner.  Many professional studios have slotted a sculpting application like Autodesk Mudbox or Pixologic ZBrush in their workflows.  Only one catch… got 800$?  In the world […]

Hexagon Manual / Documentation

    As I mentioned in my earlier review, all the links for Hexagon’s documentation are currently broken.  Since then, I have noticed a fair bit of search engine traffic  of people looking for documentation, for good reason too… this program is downright confusing!   I have noticed that although all of the links to […]

PlayN progress update

  A couple days back, PlayN developers posted a handy little tablet showing what the current development status is for each supported platform.  The iOS support seems to be coming along nicely, but as you can see, there is still some work to be done.   Java HTML5 Android iOS Flash Analytics Stub Comp Stub […]

Daz3D Hexagon 2.5 Mini-Review

    As I recently mentioned Daz3D have made Hexagon, Bryce and Daz Studio all available for free for a limited time.  As a Blender user, until they finally ship BMesh, I am always in the market for a good modeler with effective COLLADA support.  So at a price of 0$ I figured I would […]

Bryce Pro, Hexagon and Daz Studio… all for free!

      Not sure the catch, if there is one, but this is a pretty epic deal on face value, hard to beat free!  I just finished the checkout process and as you can see, it really is free:   Your order contains: DAZ Studio 4 Pro 1 @ $429.95 = $429.95 Bryce 7 […]

Adding a custom property to BlogEngine.NET posts

      Alright, this one has absolutely nothing to do with game development, not even remotely, just an upfront warning!   I post it here because I just spent the last several hours trying to figure this out and now that I solved it, I felt like sharing in case other people are trying […]

Cool thing of the Week: Week 5

    OK, so I may just be late to the party on this CtotW, as this product is currently one of the darlings of the programming world but I ignored it completely until now.  What is it I ignored so completely and now am rather enamored of?   Node.js     What exactly is […]

PlayN on iOS: One step closer

    You may remember me discussing PlayN in previous posts, it’s a Google run cross-platform, open source game library.  Previously the most missing feature was iOS support and frankly that feature is still missing, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!     PlayN developer Michael Bayne recently made a post […]

Announcing the Blender Illustrated Guide for Beginners

      Our first Blender reference guide chapter has just been put online.  Think of it as a mash-up between a quick reference guide and a video tutorial.  We will cover off the most commonly performed actions in Blender with instructions on how to perform them via hotkey or using the mouse, as well […]

Blender on multiple monitors

    I work on a multi-monitor setup and until now I have been using Blender on a single monitor.  Sometimes though, like when texturing, having a multi monitor setup is ideal.  I had always thought Blender offered no support for working across multiple monitors, how wrong I was!  Not only can any window be […]

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