Nice new modern OpenGL tutorial series


Since Nehe, which is horrifically out of date, there simply haven’t been that many good OpenGL tutorial series.  I mentioned a couple months ago about a series of OpenGL examples, there’s this free e-book and not a ton more.


Fortunately there is another author doing a series of OpenGL tutorials in the works.


The tutorial is across 5 parts as of now:

Modern OpenGL 01 – Getting Started in Xcode, Visual C++, and Linux


Modern OpenGL 02 – Textures


Modern OpenGL 03 – Matrices, Depth Buffering, Animation


Modern OpenGL 04 – Cameras, Vectors &Input


Modern OpenGL 05 – Model Assets &Instances


They are an easy read, go into a fair bit of detail and are a good learning source.  There are a few caveats though. 


First the tutorials depend on a few external libraries, GLEW, GLFW and GLM.  This is one thing I really liked about the examples I linked earlier, they didn’t depend on any third party libraries, but I can understand why the author did was he did.


Second, a lot of the OpenGL functionality is abstracted away into a custom library tdogl.  Again, I can understand why he did this, but it does make learning a bit trickier ( while making the code easier to understand and much cleaner… trade offs ).  As you are going through the tutorials, be sure to check out the source code as you go.  Fortunately there is a github repository with the code for each episode readily available.


So, if you are looking to learn OpenGL, you have another excellent source.  Just be prepared to do a bit of digging through the provided source to fully understand what it going on.


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